Fall on the Farm


It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a blog entry!  I thought that once Summer was over, our lives would slow down, but I was definitely mistaken!  Life has been crazy between chasing a very active toddler, projects at work ramping up, all of the Fall and Holiday time activities, as well as picking up some new photography clients!  It’s hard to believe it’s November already!  This year is flying by so quickly, so this weekend, Aaron and I both cleared our calendars and spent some much-needed family time just relaxing and enjoying time outdoors.  Aaron’s grandmother and uncle both have farms just North of us.  He has many fond memories of visiting the farm growing up, and it’s a real thrill for him to be able to share such a special place with Nola.  The scenery out there is just breathtaking – I know I’ll be back many times to take advantage of this gorgeous Fall weather and stunning light in those picturesque settings!

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Moreland 3

On Aaron: Suit: Banana Republic | on Nola: Dress: Carters (Similar) | Bow: Little Poppy Co | On Meg: Dress: Adrianna Papell
Photos: Leah Fry – Sentimental Soul Photography

In honor of Nola’s birthday, we had family photos taken by my long-time friend and extremely talented photographer, Leah Fry of Sentimental Soul Photography.  I’ve raved before about Leah’s skills in capturing our family, and these photos are nothing short of breathtaking.  No words I could write could do them justice, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.  We are so thankful to Leah for these sweet pictures of our tiny toddler! Continue reading

33 & Family

On Aaron: Shirt: J Crew | Shorts: Banana Republic My Dress: Rachel Parcell | On Nola: Dress and Shoes: Baby Gap | Hair bow: Little Poppy Co
At the beginning of June, I turned 33 years old (!) and all I wanted for my birthday were some family photos.  Not snaps on my phone, but real, legit, paid for professional family photos.  I love photography – I love taking photos, being in photos, I even love looking at other people’s’ photos (not in a creepy way).  Something about being able to capture a fleeting moment in time resonates with me.  I’m utterly in awe of people who can take photos that capture not just a moment, but the essence of that moment, or that person.   Continue reading