Adventures in Dallas


We arrived back home on Monday from our first Mommy & Me trip to Dallas, and it’s been a whirlwind this week getting back into the work/home routine!  We had a wonderful time seeing my friend Chitra, and getting some much-needed relaxation and one on one time with this little peanut!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was incredibly nervous about traveling solo with Nola.  I’m a bit of an anxious traveler anyway, but doing it the first time without Aaron along for the ride was more than intimidating.  As is the case with most things we worry about, the actual travel and time away went so much better than I hoped it could have.  Yes, she acted like an 11-month-old, which equated to about 20 minutes of fussing at take off, but then she slept almost the entire 2 hour flight


Upon arriving at DFW, getting our bag and rental car, the day was mostly over, so we headed to Chitra’s to relax and grab a bite to eat.  I ended up buying a new pack n play at Target rather than take our existing pack n play and paying $25 each way to check it.  And now, Chitra has a spare for our next visit!
On our first full day, Chitra had to be at work, so Nola and I enjoyed an entire day of playing and exploring.  She loves animals and was desperate to get her hands on Chitra’s cat, Tyrone.  He was not too sure about this tiny person though, and kept a respectful distance


We visited the Dallas Aquarium, ate ice cream, swam in the pool, stayed up late chatting (Chitra and I) and enjoyed some wonderful and long overdue time together in friendship.  I’m thankful to Chitra for her hospitality, and I’m also thankful for this precious time I was able to spend with Nola before her first birthday.  Looking back on the trip, I realize now how badly my heart needed this time with her.  No to-do lists, no distractions, no schedules, just time with my daughter giving her my undivided attention.  And in those five days, I got to see so much of her incredibly sweet, curious, and hilarious personality shine through:

She is generous – constantly “sharing” her Goldfish crackers with me and her trusty Pooh
She is affectionate – she has recently started giving hugs, wherein she wraps her tiny arms around your neck and holds on for dear life.  It’s the Best. Feeling. Ever
She is curious and engaged in the world around her – She will meticulously study the objects around her, no matter how mundane, and squeal with delight when she feels she’s figured them out
She is stubborn – and I can’t help but love and admire that determined streak in her; the hint of mischief in her eyes and the wry smile that creeps across her face when she’s about to test the boundaries of “no.”  Something about apples and trees, I suppose.

Looking back, I have to give credit where it’s due, and that belongs to Aaron for encouraging me to go on this trip and to ignore the thousands of reasons why I shouldn’t go, or it wasn’t the right time, or it would be inconvenient to travel alone with an almost-toddler.  After 10 years, I suppose he knows when I’m talking myself out of something that will end up being wonderful, and he was completely right.  (Just don’t tell him that.)  I am so thankful that I did something that made me anxious, because this trip was a gift, a blessing, and a precious memory of time with my baby while she’s still my baby.



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