Rise & Shine


IMG_20160710_082726Dress: Mint L.A. Boutique | Bracelet: Noonday Collection

I’ve always been an early riser.  It’s extremely rare for me to sleep in late; usually that’s a sure sign that I’m sick as a dog!  Now that I’ve had Nola, it’s become extreme – usually I’m up between 4:30am and 5am every day!  I’ve found that the earlier I get up, the more centered I can be throughout my day.  That quiet time in the morning before the chaos is essential to giving me the feeling like I’m ready to take on the day!
This morning the weather was cool, and the light had this gorgeous blueish hue that I just couldn’t pass up!  Thankfully, Aaron and Nola are early birds too, so we ran out to the lake a little over a mile from our house for a quick shoot!

This dress is so beautiful – I picked it up from my favorite local boutique, Mint L.A. I’ve known the owner, Rebekah, for many years.  She’s a dear friend and works so hard to grow her business all on her own, and give back to her community.  Any chance I get to visit her store, I always leave with tons of items that are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe!  I used to model for her when her store first opened, so it’s been incredibly fun to watch her start from a small storefront, to two locations and a growing website!
This location is one of the larger lakes in the Des Moines area, and I love knowing that it’s so close!  There are tons of gorgeous bike trails, and parks that make for picture perfect settings.  I can’t wait to explore the lake with Nola as she gets older!
IMG_20160710_110212IMG_20160710_102946IMG_20160710_102855Nola’s romper: Baby Gap (sold out) similar here and here | Bow: Little Poppy Co



16 thoughts on “Rise & Shine

  1. Love you to pieces. I’m so blessed to have you as a friend. So stunning inside and out. A true shining star. I know Miss Nola will grow up with her mom’s amazing talent for fashion. Can’t wait to follow you on this fun new adventure. Plus learn something new about the Midwest through your eyes:)


  2. Love it!! I’m pretty sure I need that dress when I’m done being pregnant… And if I wasn’t having boys, I’d need that little romper too!


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