Summer Swims + New Perspective


This weekend, we took Noly Poly to her first pool day at the water park!  After some initial protest due to the cold water, she settled in and LOVED it!  She spent the entire time just giggling and splashing her hands in the water.  I think we have a little fishy on our hands!  It’s so exciting to see her discover brand new things that I’ve taken for granted a long time ago.  Experiencing life through your child’s eyes is such a gift – imagine if we all approached our every day lives with that much enthusiasm! 

IMG_20160626_174122I really debated posting this picture.  I look at it and think “Yikes!  Thighs!  Belly!”  I’m so far from where I was physically just a few years ago, and it’s been a struggle to accept.  Working full-time means my nights with Nola can feel pretty short, so while the motivation to workout is definitely there, I can’t bring myself to sacrifice that time with her to hit the gym.  Maybe once she’s a little older, it will get better.  But for now, I’m working on reshaping my mindset more than my appearance.  It was definitely easy to forget about my self-consciousness once I heard all those sweet baby giggles!  I hope that I can model a healthy body image for Nola as she gets older and gets exposed to all of that craziness our culture throws at girls – especially young girls.  The truth is, this bod did some pretty amazing things, and while I know I want to be back in the shape that I used to be in, for now, I will celebrate the gains in my arms, rather than any gains on my arms.

Besides, how could you be unhappy about anything when you’re around this sweet face?IMG_20160626_165308IMG_20160626_174208IMG_20160626_174424IMG_20160626_165032


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