33 & Family

On Aaron: Shirt: J Crew | Shorts: Banana Republic My Dress: Rachel Parcell | On Nola: Dress and Shoes: Baby Gap | Hair bow: Little Poppy Co
At the beginning of June, I turned 33 years old (!) and all I wanted for my birthday were some family photos.  Not snaps on my phone, but real, legit, paid for professional family photos.  I love photography – I love taking photos, being in photos, I even love looking at other people’s’ photos (not in a creepy way).  Something about being able to capture a fleeting moment in time resonates with me.  I’m utterly in awe of people who can take photos that capture not just a moment, but the essence of that moment, or that person.  
I’m so thankful to have a wonderful, long-time friend who is a supremely talented photographer.  Leah Fry of Sentimental Soul Photography just gets it.  With her camera, she is able to capture who we are so perfectly.  She has done our photos since Aaron and I first got engaged in 2010.  She shot our wedding in 2012, and every year of photos ever since, including Nola’s newborn photos last September, so it was such a treat to have her shoot a special mini session on my birthday.  (As she would say – “Photos for your birthday – my kinda girl!”)  I’ve known Leah since I was 15 when she and her husband were the leaders of the youth group at my church.  She is a complete inspiration – one of those friends who is truly “iron sharpening iron.”  She challenges me in my faith and has modeled the kind of wife and mom I hope I can be.
A note on my dress.  I’ve followed Rachel Parcell for a long time – her blog is so beautiful and inspiring and I love how she incorporates her family and her faith into her daily posts.  When she announced in Spring that she was launching her own fashion line, I knew it would be beautiful, feminine and timeless.  I fell in love with this dress on her site and I’m so glad I splurged and ordered it!  It’s beyond classy and the pattern and fabric are simply gorgeous.  Definitely a timeless, classic piece, so it was an easy decision to choose this dress for our photos!
I hope you enjoy this little peek into our little world.  At this point, Nola was just a couple of weeks shy of 9 months, had recently mastered sitting up unassisted, and has sprouted the cutest little teeth.  I love having these moments preserved for us to treasure for years to come.


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