Flower Power


IMG_20160621_121737Skirt: J Crew Factory (my print is sold out, but I love this floral, too!) | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Jewelry: Noonday Collection | Clutch: Stella & Dot

Today was one of those days where I swear I only came to work today to wear this skirt!  The office dress code is casual, but jeans in the Summer just feels wrong to me, so I love a tailored pencil skirt in a fun print paired with a t-shirt to keep the look casual.

A good friend of mine works for Stella & Dot and I’m always drooling over the latest collections!  This clutch is my favorite – it’s roomy enough to hold all my cards, plus my phone, keys and maybe a lipstick or two!

My bracelet is from Noonday Collection. If you’ve never heard of Noonday, it’s an incredible organization that uses fashion to promote growth of sustainable jobs worldwide.  Each piece is handmade by artisan jewelers around the world, giving them an opportunity to earn a fair wage and provide for their families.  Doing good and looking good at the same time?  I can definitely get behind that!



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