For the love of Daddy

IMG_0962Aaron was the first one to hold Nola when she was born (thanks, general anesthesia!) and they’ve had the most incredible bond ever since. He has jumped in whole-heartedly with both feet – diapers, tantrums, teething, late nights, stories and songs (and thousands of pictures) always with a smile on his face. No one can make this baby laugh or smile like daddy can.
It’s impossible to imagine a better husband, father or partner to walk with me in this journey of marriage, parenting, and life.  Aaron exemplifies all of the good qualities I wish I had more of: patience, kindness, understanding, level-headed, ambitious; not only is he the sweetest ever with our precious baby, but he will also be an amazing dad during the tumultuous years to come (because let’s face it – she already has ALL the feelings!)
It’s incredible to look back on how far we have come in the last 10 years together and I’m so thankful that God brought me such a wonderful man to run the circus with me and point me closer to HIM.
Happy first Father’s day to the best around.  Your girls are beyond lucky to have you in our lives.

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